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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Nov 25, 2020

I believe art is a technology. And when we create art, it becomes a catalyst for our own evolution and growth. The process of creating forces us to face off with so much of ourselves, from our fears, our doubts, and our limitations. But this face-off presents us with two choices: Do we work through what we’re facing or do we allow it to stop us?
In this Deep Dive Musing, I've broken down the artistic process into the five D's you must venture through in order to not only emerge with art but also emerge as a higher more expanded version of who we're here to be. Ultimately, I describe how sticking to the process can become a personal development time capsule and how this process has gown through me when creating my latest single, Chase Me. 
Before tuning in, I highly recommend checking out my song, Chase Me, first to give you more context as to what I’m discussing in this Deep Dive musing. Tune in now, here.