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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Oct 19, 2020

You hold the ability to identify something you dislike in someone else because that same thing exists within you. And in this episode of the Deep Dive with me, Adam Roa, I chat with the unbelievable Nicole Gibson on how we can come to the realization and fully embrace the idea that what we see in others is what we also see in ourselves. 
Nicole and I dive deep into the divinity and connectedness we have to everything and everyone at all times. With each person and each of their actions, how can we find love and compassion? How can we let go of our judgment and see from a place of understanding? How can we relate to those who we believe have done wrong? How do we have compassion while still holding boundaries in a loving way? How do we remain connected while still claiming our individuality?
Nicole Gibson is a fierce ambassador for mental health, motivation speaker, multi-award winning social entrepreneur, CEO, and founder of The Rogue & Rouge Foundation, CEO of Startup Apprentice, and the former Australian Commissioner for Mental Health. Although she prefers to see herself as an unstoppable messenger of love and human potential, and truly believes there’s only one way to change the world: to transform yourself by connecting to the deep part within you that realizes your greatest potential. 
I’m honestly blown away by Nicole’s wisdom and I know you will leave this conversation with the drive to search for the love in everything and everyone.
What we discuss:
6:00 - How do you decide what is the loving choice?
9:30 - Navigating showing up as love in a digital world
13:00 - Nicole’s experience showing up as love as the Commissioner
19:30 - Owning and staying connected to your truth no matter what
24:30 - Overcoming our ego’s determination to stay the same 
28:00 - Why what you see in others is in you too
30:00 - Extending your heart to those you are rejecting
33:45 - Finding the understanding of other’s actions within yourself
37:00 - Calming your nervous system to allow yourself to think rationally and find compassion
42:00 - The power of forgiveness
44:00 - Why we need to model behavior for each other and give each other a reference point
46:40 - Opening love up to others while still holding boundaries for your own self-love
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Instagram: @nicgibson_
Book: Love Out Loud
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