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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Oct 26, 2020

Are you carrying the wounds of your parents? As children, many of our parents dumped their wounds, baggage, fears, and insecurities onto us, and many of us believe we need to continue to carry this baggage for the rest of our lives.  It has turned into an outlined curriculum or pattern that we continue to follow, yet we place blame, hold grudges, and never take responsibility. 
Their baggage may have been passed onto us, but is our responsibility to work through it and turn it into our greatest gifts. But in order to do so, we need to first understand the baggage we are carrying, look at it through the eyes of compassion, and release the blame we are holding onto.
So how do we end this loop of ancestral karmic wounding and finally take ownership of how our lives unfold?
We need to find enough compassion within ourselves to forgive our parents. And in this episode of the Deep Dive, I chat with singer/songwriter Julie Price on her experience working through the wounds she carried from her parents, how she was able to understand the "why" hidden within the wounds, and how she set herself free through forgiveness.
Julia is a Good Morning America featured songwriter who was featured in the NY Times as a “booming creative.” She built a personal online presence and community with over 470,000 followers across multiple platforms, including Vine. With a unique skill-set that expands beyond music, she also tours as an international speaker, hosts corporate heart-centered workshops, and consults high-level executives with an emphasis on female-founders, while also specializing in community building, managing campaigns, producing events and panels for start-ups to Fortune 500 Companies. Julia continues to create content for her own brand as well, as a published writer, influencer, and songwriter. Her purpose is to help others find and stand in their authentic voice in every situation they encounter. 
What we discuss: 
[00:07:08] Julia's unhealthy past romantic relationship dynamics                         
[00:08:18] How Julia’s unhealthy relationships stemmed from her father              
[00:09:37] How Julia began her healing process                                           
[00:11:32] How do you forgive someone who never apologized?             
[00:13:51] The impact of having been taught to shut down emotions                          
[00:15:52] What is the alternative to forgiveness?                     
[00:17:29] Different forgiveness dynamics: Romantic vs. Parental                       
[00:18:03] Julia's process of forgiving her father        
[00:20:18] How psychedelics helped Julia enter into a place of compassion                
[00:21:23] Honoring boundaries in every relationship                        
[00:22:31] Do we ever fully heal or will we always carry our wounds?
[00:23:50] Ending the loop and becoming medicine for our parents though forgiveness                                  
[00:26:36] How our wounds determine how we move through life                                          
[00:29:26] Julia’s healing patterns through awareness, effort and attention                                        
[00:32:33] Holding on to blame vs. taking responsibility        
[00:33:30] The shift that happens when you take responsibility                        
[00:34:34] How accepting Julia's father created true change in their relationship        
[00:38:50] Adam's process of forgiving his abuser in his Ayahuasca ceremony        
[00:42:42] Why you need to understand to forgive                        
[00:45:11] Using your 'negative' emotions as a tool                        
[00:48:33] The reason Adam openly shares his story                                                                        
[00:55:36] The importance of listening to opposing views                                               
[00:58:02] Julia’s best advice for songwriting
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