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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Oct 28, 2020

Is it okay for me to go up to a woman I find attractive and tell her she is beautiful? The funny thing is, if she finds me attractive, it’s flattering, but if she doesn’t, it’s sexual harassment. 
And why in movies is it romantic when a guy continues to chase after the girl because he believes they are “meant” to be together, but in real life, women think it’s “creepy”?
And why are there all these misconceptions when it comes to the masculine heart, like it is unsafe to be the object of a man’s sexual desire, a man’s sexual desire causes pain, men don’t cry and don’t have feeling, and men aren’t capable of love?
Men are confused. And to be honest, I have been confused! What should we do? 
In this episode of the Deep Dive with me, Adam Roa, I dive into the topic of the masculine heart–our sexuality and sensitivity. Let’s break down the misconceptions around the masculine heart, understand the masculine perspective on love, and learn to differentiate between honest and harmful intentions.
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