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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Nov 23, 2020

We all are climbing the mountain we think that will make us the happiest. But how do ensure we don’t get to the top of our “summit” and realize we aren’t fulfilled? How do we ensure we are living a life that is so deeply connected to ourselves, those around us, and our real purpose that we actually enjoy the journey along the way? How do we ensure once we get to the top, we feel actually feel the sense of fulfillment we have been working for?
Most of us don’t realize how disconnected we are from everything around us, including ourselves. We either live subconsciously or live purposefully in avoidance of what is. So how do we release the avoidance and live more consciously?
In this episode of the Deep Dive, I’m joined by mind and body alignment expert, Aaron Alexander, who discusses how to dive into your physical body to create a deeper connection with yourself and others. Plus, he shares tangle tips on how to experience a deeper connection in your sex life and how to become more connected with your real purpose.
Aaron is a manual therapist, movement coach, and author, as well as the host of the Align Podcast, ranked #1 in Nutrition on Apple Podcasts. He is a believer that the way we move in our body is the way we move through our life. Which means, we must align our mind, body, and movement in order to optimize our life. 
What we discuss:
4:00 - Deep Dive questions
4:45 - 3 Top ways to amplify your sex life
12:02 - The power dance
17:30 - Living in a compartmentalized culture
20:00 - Connecting deeper with your body
25:00 - Finding real trust in your body
47:00 - Creating a road map for what you want with your life
52:00 - Why you need to live a life you actually enjoy
Find more from Aaron: 
Instagram: @alignpodcast
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