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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Apr 7, 2021

“Do in need to invest in myself through pain, agony, sadness, and defeat,

In order to allow myself the sweet taste of victory? “

This week I’m releasing another freestyle. Spoken word, poetry, straight from my heart and my own personal experience. I’ve been giving myself permission these days; permission to accept myself more, to forgive myself, and love myself. To experience the life around me with a new perspective.

And, this poem feels that way…

Do you notice the difference?

As always, I’m inviting you to listen to this poem as an inspiration for your own artist expression. Maybe one that get’s to be released after such an incredible year. I also hope that you are inspired by the growth that you, and I , hear in myself through this poem. That it can be a reminder that through art and vulnerability, we are able to heal deep wounds that can allow us to continue to create amazing things not in spite of, but because of our experiences.

Enjoy the this freestyle, and I look forward to your reflections.

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