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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Jul 7, 2021

Are you over your ex?

This was a vulnerable podcast! In fact I would say this is a vulnerable topic for anyone who has been in, and out, of a meaningful relationship. No matter how tumultuous or amicable a relationship transition (or breakup) may be, there always seems to be an element of sadness or heaviness that follows. It’s natural. During relationships we experience deep connection, some would say an emotional addiction, and it can be very difficult to navigate the end of it.

But does that difficulty last forever?

I’ve been intrigued by this question, and I’ve also been interested in the perspective that my friend Chelsey Jo Huntsman might  have on the topic. Chelsey is a coach, spiritual guide, pleasure priestess, and among other things an amazing human being who I had the opportunity to interview on this week’s episode. Do we really ever get over an ex? Does that feeling ever actually fade? Join Chelsey and I in this week’s Deep Dive question and I’m looking forward to your perspective.

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