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The Deep Dive with Adam Roa

Mar 30, 2022

What does it mean to be a man today? 

Ok, be honest. Were you triggered when you read the title of this week’s podcast episode? I get it. Two major topics in today's culture (especially in the personal development space) are the rise of the feminine and mens work, and the line between the two can be a little blurry....

Mar 23, 2022

Do you believe in our youth?

The world can seem like a pretty crazy place sometimes, especially when dealing with all the hustle and bustle of being an adult in today's day and age. We have responsibilities, stresses and worries, relationships, and are all navigating through it in a world that is changing every single...

Mar 16, 2022

Do conspiracy theories even exist anymore? 

Remember not so long ago, when conspiracy theories or conspiracy theorists were seen as crazy tinfoil hat wearing nut jobs that spent too much time preaching about doomsday events, ufo’s and government cover ups and that sort of thing. Well, after the last two years of...

Mar 9, 2022

Are you pushing yourself to your edge? 

Life is full of edges and boundaries. Figuring out the difference between the two is a great way to explore and grow in a way that is healthy and helps you to continue discovering how to live as authentically as possible. But pushing yourself to your own edge is not easy, and by...

Mar 2, 2022

Is it wrong to want pleasure? 

It may seem like a weird question, like who doesn’t want to experience pleasure? But it’s actually pretty surprising how many of us, and predominantly men, think that pleasure is a sign of weakness. Self love, pleasure practice, inner work, etc, these (to some) embody feminine sides...